Empowering expressive students

Our Purpose

Outspeak is a student run organization which works to increase equity for elementary and middle schoolers in the realms of public speaking as well as in the competitive speech and debate activity. For some backstory, we wholeheartedly believe that public speaking is one of the most critical skills that children need to learn from early elementary school. We all talk to large crowds on a daily basis, at school, on zoom calls, and in the workplace, and effective, confident presentation skills can take you far.

Yet, we have noticed that coaching and resources to build these skills for students are often only available for a small or select group of students, require extensive transportation, or major monetary investments. The ways Outspeak helps are twofold.

Firstly, Outspeak allows elementary students to get affordable, high quality virtual instruction from experienced, outgoing, and responsible highschoolers, and also have access to several meticulously crafted lessons and resources. Using fun activities, and incorporating rudimentary debate skills for grades 4-5, Outspeak creates a warm, friendly and welcoming environment for your child to feel comfortable expressing themselves and growing as a speaker.

Secondly, in regards to middle schoolers, we not only reinforce foundational speaking skills, Outspeak also provides students in grades 6-8 a vast number of opportunities to excel in different speech and debate events with planned coaching and individualized help.

Contact Us

Our team loves to collaborate with parents, students, teachers, or schools and we can adapt our lesson plans, teachers, and timings based on your availability. To get additional personal help or to answer questions, we have an active team managing our email at outspeaktogether@outlook.com. Our social media team pictured to the left releases fun new updates on what we do here at Outspeak!

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